Future Card Buddyfight 10th Anniversary Card Set PRE-ORDER

Future Card Buddyfight 10th Anniversary Card Set PRE-ORDER

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Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Future Card Buddyfight!

[Product Specifications]

A Commemorative Card Set featuring 41 types of cards!

■ [New: 31 types / Reissue: 10 types]
■ Each display contains a fixed assortment of 72 cards!
■ All with holo-foil treatment!


10 types of reissues cards, including fan favorite Buddies!
(1 copy of each type will be included in the display)

  • 10th/0001EN Drum Bunker Dragon "Re:B"
  • 10th/0002EN Super Sun Dragon, Balle Soleil "Re:B"
  • 10th/0003EN Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz "Re:B"
  • 10th/0004EN Deity Gargantua Dragon "Re:B"
  • 10th/0036EN Future Card Buddyfight
  • 10th/0037EN Mediator of Prosperity & Vanities, ReAc: Empress
  • 10th/0038EN Crevice of Dream & Reality, ReAc: Moon
  • 10th/0039EN Grace of the Sun Deity
  • 10th/0040EN Buddy Block!
  • 10th/0041EN Future Pallete

31 types of new cards! Power up your decks all at once!
(2 copies of each type will be included in the display)

  • 10th/0005EN Green Dragon Shield "Re:S"
  • 10th/0006EN Jacknife "Gold Ritter Re:I"
  • 10th/0007EN Dragod's Shine "Re:S"
  • 10th/0008EN Battle Aura Circle "Re:S"
  • 10th/0009EN Survival Chance "Re:S"
  • 10th/0010EN Members Only Club, Deadeity "Re:S"
  • 10th/0011EN Solomon's Shield "Re:S"
  • 10th/0012EN Great Spell, Devil's Rock 'n Roll "Re:S"
  • 10th/0013EN Terruca-le! "Re:S"
  • 10th/0014EN Art of Body Replacement "Re:S"
  • 10th/0015EN Super Lethal Formation "Re:I"
  • 10th/0016EN Kagura-bell of Worship "Re:I"
  • 10th/0017EN Dragon Prudent "Re:S"
  • 10th/0018EN Divine Dragon Creation "Re:S"
  • 10th/0019EN Linkdragon Order's Oath "Re:S"
  • 10th/0020EN Divine Protection of Shalsana "Re:S"
  • 10th/0021EN Bonus Quest "Re:S"
  • 10th/0022EN Illusions Folktale, Echt Biblio "Re:I"
  • 10th/0023EN Holy Grail "Re:S"
  • 10th/0024EN A Ruler's Privilege "Re:S"
  • 10th/0025EN Angelic Radiance "Re:S"
  • 10th/0026EN Midnight Shadow "Re:S"
  • 10th/0027EN Death Astray "Re:S"
  • 10th/0028EN Curse Ritual "Re:S"
  • 10th/0029EN I've Seen Through Your Moves! "Re:S"
  • 10th/0030EN Hyper Energy "Re:S"
  • 10th/0031EN Warrior's Bond! Paal Unit Formed! "Re:S"
  • 10th/0032EN Proto Barrier "Re:S"
  • 10th/0033EN Star Believer "Re:S"
  • 10th/0034EN Proclaim: Decisive Point "Re:S"
  • 10th/0035EN Buddyfight "the 10th anniversary"

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